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About NJP



                 I was born in Southern Idaho in 1962 and grew up on a farm/ranch operation with my nine sisters and brothers. I'm whitewashed not polished-latex, cheddar not ricotta. I'm patriotic and believe in the strong moral values that make America great. I love family and take my job as homekeeper seriously. I am God-fearing, God-loving and recognize my dependence on Him. I like people and love to listen, observe and interact with others. I like to share-cucumbers from the garden, eggs from our hens, good books, cookies, patterns, recipes, stories, teaching activities. I like to pass on ideas-whether through classes, booklets, over backyard fences, or whispered during l-o-n-g school programs. I'm the wife to a great man, Calvin,  and the mother to six, equally charming, children. We live in Moses Lake, Washington.
                Nearly twenty years ago, I began speaking at women's and youth conferences/workshops on a variety of topics from "cutting the food budget" to "improving your attitude". At the encouragement of family, friends and conference participants, I wrote booklets to compliment the topics taught. With the practicality and feasibility of the internet, we created the neighborjanepayne website. Welcome to the neighborhood.


100 Random Things about Me

  1. I love Abraham Lincoln--been an aficionado since I was in second grade.
  2. I love food.  I like how it makes people happy.
  3. I have six sisters and three brothers. 
  4. I love music and have played the piano since I was eight, but I do not have an ear for it and sing monotone in the tenor range.
  5. I love order and cleanliness, but donít wish my expectations on others (even my kids).
  6. I am very patriotic.
  7. I am a terrible judge of character, so quit trying several years ago.
  8. I donít like talking on the phone, at all.  I will avoid it if I can.
  9. I love e-mail.
  10. I have been published in a few magazines.
  11. I have taught classes at Education week.
  12. I bombed when I had to speak at a large dairymanís conference.  I was not worth the money they paid me and am still embarrassed about it.
  13. I am not good at fashion or make-up.
  14. I am good at making do.
  15. I grow a large garden every year.
  16. My garden gets away from me every August despite my good intentions.
  17. My children and husband mean the world to me.
  18. I love slides or slip-on shoes.
  19. I have ridden a camel.
  20. I competed in the High School National Finals Rodeo (on a horse, not a camelJ).
  21. When I graduated from high school I no longer had any desire to compete athletically.
  22. I love being a homemaker.  I love a home that feels good.
  23. I wish I had a college degree.
  24. I like to walk and walk and walk.  Iíd have been a content pioneer.
  25. I can sew, but not well.  I do not understand patterns.
  26. Iím an interpersonal learner, but not an audio learner.  Give me a group of people who express themselves and interact and Iíll learn quicker and remember more than if I hear someone give instructions.
  27. Ocean waves mesmerize me.
  28.  I am a state champion volleyball player.
  29. I love to sit on the beach (or bench) and guess peopleís occupations as they walk by.
  30. I always fight canker sores. 
  31. I get up at 4:00 am most mornings of the year.
  32. I cannot stay up past 9:30 pm very many nights in a row without a nap.
  33. I always try to give eye contact when I talk to people.
  34. I donít like to feel exposed, which is directly contrary to this list.
  35. I marvel, on a regular basis, that I have so many blessings.
  36. I try to cram too much into everything (boxes, Calvinís drawers, notebooks, time, lists, the day, lessons) and it drives me and my family crazy.  I used to think it was a virtue (ummmÖefficient), but now that it is firmly implanted I see it as a vice (ackÖgreed?).  I am having a hard time getting rid of it.
  37. I love biographies of good people.
  38. I love my nieces and nephews.
  39. I watch very little TV.
  40. My favorite music is movie scores (two of my favorites are the score from Forrest Gump and Quigley Down Under.  Albeit The Alamo is nice and so is Master and Commander.)
  41. I like to teach. 
  42. I really like to teach.
  43. I really, really like to teach.
  44. I am a peacemaker.
  45. I have unrealistic fears regarding our kids.
  46. I am resilient.
  47. I am a poor judge of time.
  48. My love language is quality time.
  49. I come from a very, very dysfunctional family.
  50. I am a certified scuba diver but have no desire to dive again, ever.
  51. I ran out of air at the bottom of the ocean, but that isnít why I donít ever want to do it again.  I just donít.  The ocean is too deep and creepy to explore except in the comforts of an IMAX theatre.
  52. I love to swim.  Just not at the bottom of the ocean.  The breast stroke is the stroke of choice.
  53. I love nuts.  Especially ones covered in chocolate.
  54. I mostly cook from scratch out of habit.
  55. I eat potatoes daily in some form . . . at least once.
  56. Mice make me angry.  They take things that arenít theirs.
  57. Our family trades plates at restaurants.
  58. I can see a piece of me and a piece of Calvin in each of our kids.  Each combination in each child is different.
  59. When I was ten years old a dog ripped my upper lip open.  The wound required lots of stitches and plastic surgery at Primary Childrenís hospital.  To this day I automatically cover my lip when I go near dogs.
  60. If I owned a perfume factory, I would make lilac perfume.  I think lilacs are the prettiest smell ever.
  61. Blue is my favorite color though I seldom wear it.
  62. I wear a lot of hand-me-down clothes and I love them.
  63. I am easy to convince to seeing things your way.
  64. I like to shop for groceries and remember unit prices for years.  Grocery bargains make my day.
  65. I taught all of our kids to swim.
  66. I homeschooled all of our kids one grade.
  67. I love popcorn. 
  68. I have traveled much of the United States, but never the South.  Iíd like to see it.
  69. I enjoyed going to the real Sleepy Hollow in New York.
  70. I enjoy sleeping under the stars.
  71. I am a homebody . . . big time.
  72. I like people.
  73. I contradict myself in what I like.
  74. I am nostalgic.
  75. I can throw/give things away without a second thought.
  76. People are important to me.  All kinds and ages.
  77. I really like George W. and Laura Bush.  I think they are good people.
  78. I have chickens.  My kids hate them.  Chickens make me feel waste free.  They eat our scraps and give us eggs in return.
  79. I often feel guilty about little things of no significance in the big scheme.  It pulls me down.
  80. I donít like to embarrass people.  I like it when people feel wanted.
  81. I like Tom Hanks and Jimmy Stewart.
  82. I would have loved to have more children, but wouldnít trade what Iíve got.
  83. I used to not like my name.  I wanted famous initials like my sisterísóC.C. just like Christopher Columbus.  Then, one day I realized my initials matched Jesus Christ and I was happy with my name after that.
  84. I have lots of moles.  Silent ones.  I pretend theyíre friendly freckles, but the doctor says I should watch them.
  85. I laugh a lot. 
  86. I donít like flying by the seat of my pants, but often feel like I am.
  87. I like January because it is low key and has few expectations attached to it and also because it gives me the most free time of any of the months.
  88. I love Disneyland.
  89. We eat two meals together each day when at all possible.
  90. I love potlucks.  Especially potlucks with store bought food like Kentucky Fried Chicken and Oreos and chips.
  91. My sister, Rachel, and I have e-mailed nearly every day for over ten years; hence I have volumes of journals. J 
  92. I like sugar in all its lovely forms.
  93. My favorite unhealthy cereal is Sugar Popsģ  My favorite healthy cereal is Grape-Nutsģ
  94. I made an exception for bumper stickers when the kids started putting their college stickers on.
  95. I reached a goal last year that I thought was impossible.
  96. I love good stories.
  97. Iíd like to think up one good quote where people could say, ďAhhh.  Thatís sooooo true.Ē
  98. Iím not crazy about Italian food unless itís really Americanized.
  99. I never read our kids bedtime stories.  I was too cross by that time of the day so I read to them at noon instead when I wasnít so tired.  I wonder if they feel cheated. 
  100. I love to learn new things.




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