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Teaching Ideas

   We may not be a sister, wife, or birth mother in life, but no matter what we’re a teacher.
Teaching is inescapable, whether it is showing someone how to open a door or open a heart; every woman plays the role of teacher. Formal teaching opportunities abound for women--presenting data at work, instructing cub or brownie scout activities, aiding in school classrooms, volunteering at the children's library story hour, home-schooling, and teaching Sunday School are but a few.  As a wife, mother, sister, neighbor, daughter, co-worker, church-goer and community member--informal teaching opportunities are everywhere.  It has been said that the mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates while the great teacher inspires.  It is my hope that these pages will be a catalyst--inspiring new ideas to help you be a great teacher.


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