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Family Life


            “The safest place and the best protection against moral and spiritual diseases are a stable home and family. This has always been true; it will be true forever.”       --Boyd K. Packer



            Our solar system revolves around the sun.  The wheel revolves around the hub.  Civilization revolves around the family.  If the family crumbles, civilization fails.  

            It is in families where our most extensive learning takes place; our homes are classrooms.  Remember as a child waiting anxiously while teams were chosen for baseball or red-rover and you hoped you wouldn’t be picked last?  Virginia U. Jensen recounts a similar experience: “On a Monday evening not long ago, I was walking past a playground where a young family was choosing up sides for a game. I overheard one of the children call out, ‘Mom, choose me.’  As I walked on, these words rang in my ears.  Life in today’s world places a multitude of demands on a woman’s resources of time and energy. We can choose to apply our talents in more arenas than ever before, but there are only a few of those places in which our influence is irreplaceable. I can imagine children the world over saying, “When you decide where to spend the time and the gifts that God has given you, Mom, choose me.”  (“Creating Places of Security,” Ensign, Nov. 1997, 89)

            About a year ago I heard a seventeen-year-old young man speak to an audience about families.  He shared with the group his four favorite memories.  They included a family trip to Yellowstone, learning to ski with his family as a reward to finishing a book together, a Christmas Eve tradition and playing Cowboys and Indians with his brother.  He concluded his talk by saying, “I discovered that all four favorite memories included my family.  Although I enjoy being with my friends and love sports, they aren’t my favorite memories.”  He encouraged his listeners to invest in their families.

            Women have a great opportunity to invest in others lives and have influence.  As family values in society erode, a strong moral woman’s presence can be keenly felt by those looking for safety and peace.  Secure families make strong neighborhoods, communities and nations.  Families are the basic unit of society and sinew of a nation.

            Family Life articles share some of the fun, embarrassing, powerful and frustrating dynamics of family life.  I suspect you’ll see yourself in more than one of them!



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