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Gift Giving



    It is easy to spend a lot of money every month on gifts. It seems there is always a wedding, new baby, birthday, or anniversary to acknowledge with a gift...always. Not to mention teacher appreciation favors, get-well-soon wishes, sympathy tokens, retirement party contributions, baptism recognitions, as well as shower, hostess, graduation and thank-you gifts. And then...letís not forget Christmas, Easter, Motherís Day, Fatherís Day Grandparentís Day, Valentineís Day, Hanukkah. It can be a bit overwhelming.

    Advertising has had an incredible influence in shaping our gift-giving ideals. Iíll bet the idea of going into debt for gifts didnít originate with our grandmothers and I suspect the idea of giving lavish and expensive gifts didnít come from our preachers. Iím betting that our philosophies about giving have largely been shaped by advertising. I remember an ad on TV suggesting a car would make a nice Christmas present. Iím sure it would, but Iím not even sure frankincense was of comparable worth two thousand years ago and that was a gift for the King.

    The expectation that we must give costly gifts is overwhelming. Taking a step back and looking at the overall picture is beneficial in keeping perspective. A helpful question to ask yourself when giving a present is, ďWhy am I giving this gift?Ē Is it to let someone know I am thinking of them or that I care? Or, is it out of a sense of duty, to save face, or gain acceptance? Ashamedly, Iíve given gifts for all reasons.

    If your main reason for giving a gift is to show thoughtfulness, love and consideration, here are several gift ideas. Have fun.



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