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    If you had just moved in next door, I'd probably welcome you with a plate of cookies, introduce myself, and ask you about yourself. Since I can't give you cookies, grab an apple, sandwich or my personal favorite, a candy bar, I'll introduce myself and hope I hear from you in the near future.
    I was born in Southern Idaho in 1962 and grew up on a farm/ranch operation with my nine sisters and brothers. I'm whitewashed not polished-latex, cheddar not ricotta. I'm patriotic and believe in the strong moral values that make America great. I love family and take my job as homekeeper seriously. I am God-fearing, God-loving and recognize my dependence on Him. I like people and love to listen, observe and interact with others. I like to share-cucumbers from the garden, eggs from our hens, good books, cookies, patterns, recipes, stories, teaching activities. I like to pass on ideas-whether through classes, booklets, over backyard fences, or whispered during l-o-n-g school programs. I'm the wife to a great man, Calvin, (my name really is Jane Payne) and the mother to six, equally charming, children. We live in Moses Lake, Washington.
    Fifteen years ago, I began speaking at women's and youth conferences/workshops on a variety of topics from "cutting the food budget" to "improving your attitude". At the encouragement of family, friends and conference participants, I wrote booklets to compliment the topics taught. With the practicality and feasibility of the internet, we created the neighborjanepayne website. Welcome to the neighborhood.
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