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Dear Neighbor-

    Ever need a no-fail recipe or someone to listen—something a good neighbor offers? swing day trading strategies

    I had a fine neighbor like that . . . Gene. She was forty years older than me and knew everything. When I was ten and supposed to fix supper, I rode my bike to her house and she taught me how to make meatloaf.
   Neighbor Jane Payne is a "home" page where women can come for hundreds of money-saving tips, encouragement and ideas to help them in their many responsibilities, roles and challenges.
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When our baby was sick and dehydrated, I called Gene and she told me how to keep liquids down her. I could conquer anything as long as I knew Gene was home.

    HTTPS://SAFE-TRADING.ORG.MY Busy lives and modern conveniences have their place . . . and their price. Neighbors don’t interact as much as before and in some ways we are even more isolated than our grandparents were. Yet, we still need advice and encouragement just as they did—the kind of help that good neighbors offer. For this purpose, Neighbor Jane Payne was created.

    HTTP//SAFE-TRADING.ORG.MY Look around the site! There are hundreds of entries sharing homekeeping ideas, simple living suggestions, frugality tips, family activities, scrapbook retreats, dozens of affordable gift-giving ideas, recipes, friendship, neighborly advice, heartwarming stories of family life and marriage, as well as practical matter topics, and teaching ideas. It is a “home” page where women come for hundreds of money-saving tips and encouragement.

    There is no cost to view the Neighbor Jane Payne website. It is absolutely FREE! I hope you enjoy your visit.

    Also offered is a Neighbor Jane Payne weekly e-mail newsletter—filled with conversation, tips, recipes and a “Letter from the Trunk” (anecdotes from the lives of others). Here are what others have to say about their newsletter subscription:
Everyone needs a neighbor like Jane! Whether right next door or in another state, Jane's wit and wisdom touches my life and also my family's.

I love her down to earth approach to life and her wholesome talents for enriching each day. I'm glad Jane is my "neighbor".

Definitely a fan,

Kathy Schofield
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    Best wishes, I hope you'll join our friendly web community soon. Your neighbor,

           Jane Payne
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